Why do I dislike exercise? I used this summer to be so faithful to get in shape – going to the gym almost everyday and then walking 3 miles every other day. Now it has all fallen by the wayside. Well, not entirely I still sporadically  hit the gym and walk on some days. My oldest […]


I have been a number of places recently including California to speak to the President’s Forum weekend for Partners International. It is a wonderful organization that finds out where God is at work in the hardest to reach places around the world and supports the indigenous ministries. I loved learning about them, meeting their folks […]


What was it like…?

I am in Dallas and have done a full day of media to promote my new book. I was up at 5:00 AM to be on a local morning show. One question that I am invariably asked is. “What was it like to grow up in the home of Billy Graham?” There are times that frustrates […]