Visiter from Africa and other news

Today my husband and I had a surprise visit from a gentleman from Kenya, Africa. A mutual friend brought him by for a visit.  Tom is involved in foundational work in Africa and his ministry is now in 10 African nations.  A sweet man and it was such a blessing to have him in our […]

Daddy’s Birthday

I just got back from being with my father for his 91st birthday. It was a quiet celebration with my sister Anne, brother Franklin and me. We had pot roast with mashed potatoes, southern green beans (cooked to death with sugar and bacon grease – yum!) salad and apple pie with ice cream. My father […]


Why do I dislike exercise? I used this summer to be so faithful to get in shape – going to the gym almost everyday and then walking 3 miles every other day. Now it has all fallen by the wayside. Well, not entirely I still sporadically  hit the gym and walk on some days. My oldest […]