I removed the blog I posted yesterday at the request of the family requesting privacy. I honor that and did not think. I apologized and feel very badly. I just was so thrilled by the example of God’s grace. For those of you who saw it and read it, please pray for all concerned. God […]

New Year Ramblings

Happy New Year! This also happens to be my oldest daughter’s birthday and since she was born there has never been a celebration to top that one so watching the ball drop is not on my agenda! I go to bed early and plan a party for her.  She has been a joy! Actually, she […]

Please pray

In recent blogs  I have mentioned my grandson, Payson. He was born prematurely in August. He has had multiple health challenges and yesterday had surgery again. This time to put him on a ventilator. It’s not a life or death kind of situation – he can breathe on his own but his trachea can collapse […]