It is a beautiful day here in Virginia. We had much needed rain overnight and now the world is sparkling!

Yesterday was a day full of the mundane things that make up life – doctor visit, flu shot, grocery shopping, desk work,  making dinner, helping with homework…I am blessed to have a husband that does all the laundry so that is one chore I do not have to do. And he does a much better job than I do!

I like these breathers between trips – I am a homebody and like the routine of home. It keeps me grounded. And, for me, often God speaks in the mundane. I don’t often have great insights that come to me in times of deep prayer or spiritual discipline. No visions or ephanies – just insights that come in the routine and mundane.  I have discovered that in showing up, being faithful in the routine makes it holy. My mother had a old Scottish saying that still hangs over her kitchen sink, “Divine Services Conducted Here Three Times Daily.” We can make our rountines and the mundane things of life divine by choosing to do it unto Him.

Have a divine day!


Unpacking (and Psalm 135)

I am home and it is a beautiful day. It is a day to go get some exercise, do laundry, go to the grocery store and get sorted out after so many days “on the road”. I am trying to come down with a cold and can never remember if it is “starve a cold and feed a fever” or the other way around! My mother believed in lots of Vitamin C. This morning I was reading Psalm 135 and it is a wonderful reminder of just who God is and what He has done for us. Our response is to praise Him. I suggest taking a moment to just praise Him for who he is. Use this Psalm: He is good. His name is pleasant. He has chosen us to be His treasured possession. He is great, greater than any other gods. Read the Psalm for yourself and find things for which to praise our marvelous God. You may not feel like praise but try it and see if your mindset changes. He will bless your efforts.


If you like to use screen savers on your computer, I would love to share this graphic with you.  This image is from Jim and Mary Whitmer who work with me in the “Get Growing” conferences.  Just click on this image and a full-sized image will download to your computer, and then you can right click on it to save it.  Enjoy.


Watching the world go by…

We, my sister Gigi is with me, had a great day yesterday. We had several interviews at KTIS talking about the legacy of my father here at Northwestern College. He had a vision 60 years ago to use media to reach people with the gospel – at that time the media was radio. The vision he had has been carried forward and they have expanded to using all sorts of medium to proclaim the gospel. My father’s legacy lives on!

We all have a legacy and we get to choose what it will be. Will it be one of faith? Love? Joy? Anger? Bitterness?

We stayed up late in the lobby “people watching”. There was a lot of coming and going! Two very serious police men stood watching. After a while I approached one of them and asked if this was usual activity for a Friday night – he said no but they were expecting some foreign dignitaries! We were interested in seeing who that might be but soon got weary and went to bed. However, we did get to see Peter Graves (Mission Impossible TV series) and his wife come in. He is still quite handsome! October 3, 2009


NYC to the Twin Cities

Good morning! I am now in St Paul, MN to help clebrate the 60th anniversary of radio station KTIS. It was founded by my father while he was president of Norhwestern College He was the youngest  college president in the US at that time. My sister Gigi and I are representing the family.

Speaking of my father, I was in NYC earlier ths week to do some media for the launch of my new book and my phone rang. I picked it up and heard that precious familiar voice. It was my father – he rarely calls these days. He wanted to thank me for my book but he cannot read due to macular degeneration. (Yes, they have the reading machine that my mother used.)  I suggested he have someone else read it for him but he is quite deaf now so it will have to be read slowly and loudly! (Yes, he has the best hearing aids.)

But it was so dear to hear his voice. I asked if he had seen me on Fox and Freinds that morning. He said no but had heard about it.  I hope to get down to see him in the next couple of weeks. I miss him. He is so dear.  It is a six hour drive from my home so it  isn’t an easy, quick drive .

This has been a busy week.  But I an grateful for the opportunites God gave for me to talk about the book. After one interview, I was walking back to my hotel and was near Times Square. From the shadow of a stairwell I heard a woman preachng the Gospel. I walked passed but then stopped. I felt that I should stop and speak to her and encourage her. I also had a remaining copy of my book and decided to give it to her. I did not introduce myself as “Billy Graham’s daughter” but just thanked her for doing what she was doing – being a light in that dark place. I gave her the copy of my book and she glanced at it and made the connection. Her name was Brenda and her husband was Solomon. She told me she had met my father years ago in Central Park. We had our pictures taken together.

It was just a short encounter but it made my day!

Who will you encounter today to give a word of encouragement or cheer only to find that you are the one to get a blessing?



As I write my first post I am in Toronto, Canada to help dedicate the new women’s center for Teen Challenge – a residential facility for recovery from substance abuse.  Teen Challenge, started by David Wilkerson in NYC, has a long history of success with men – after 5 years there is a 70% success rate. Huge!

I am thrilled they now have a place for women and am honored that they have asked me to participate in this special occasion.

This morning I was on 100 Huntley Place television show – the Canadian 700 Club.  Moira Brown interviewed me and I had a good opportunity to talk about my new book, Fear Not Tomorrow, God Is Already There, the ministry of Ruth Graham & Friends and our time at Angola Prison in Louisiana.  Click on the Angola Photographs link under the “Important Links” section of my blog if you would like to view a few of some wonderful photographs and video done by Jim Whitmer while we were there. It was a profound experience.

This is a busy trip but I love the Canadians and the ministry of Teen Challenge.   9/26/09