I posted this on my other blog site: “Safe Place with Ruth Graham” on BeliefNet:

I have watched the news of today with profound sadness and real questions. Questions are good and natural at such a time. Anger too.
Wow. There is just not much to say at such a time.
But I think of the message of “Emmanuel”. God with us…in the loss, tragedy, heartache, questions…
God is still almighty, wise, good, faithful, loving…He has not changed.

Read more: http://blog.beliefnet.com/safeplacewithruthgraham/2012/12/why.html#ixzz2F4MILoo1

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  1. missy
    missy says:

    dear ruth,
    first just let me say thank u thank u thank u for being so real. i have just started in every pew …. it is such a comfort to know someone else has hurt like this before and survived. i have never blogged before. sorry. so…u write a blurb about somethig and then i comment on it. is that right? what if i just want to talk to u about sonething unrelated to ur blog?.


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